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A ruggedised telemedicine electronic patient record (EPR) system with wireless monitoring devices for vital sign capture and real time management of emergencies. It allows incremental data capture from incident to hospital. In addition, there is low bandwidth, high-definition video conferencing. The solution can be hosted in the cloud, Edge or a ‘walled garden’ environment.

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The Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) solution is an incident ground control system and real time situational awareness platform for CBRNE/Multiple Firearms Terrorist Attacks. It will allow real time incident control and allocation of resources to improve scene management. It allows geolocation of casualties to avoid ‘left behind’ scenarios with the ability to monitor multiple casualties.

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The Situational Awareness Monitoring (SAM) solution is a wearable Android platform for measuring biometric and environmental threats using the latest body worn sensor technology and was developed as part of the DSTL Programme – ‘Wearable technology for injury prevention’. It is currently being trialled by 2 UK Regiments as a rehabilitation programme to monitor fitness, mental wellness and injury recovery.
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The autonomous casualty evacuation (ACE) system is a casualty pod that can be attached to a heavy lift UAV or LAV. The Pod has a fully autonomous casualty vital sign monitoring, defibrillator and ventilator system using COTS wearables and digital imagery to monitor and detect clinical deterioration in a casualty during any CASEVAC mission. Developed in collaboration with the Midlands Aerospace Alliance.
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The Rapid Automated External Defibrillator (AED) extends the functionality of the Rapid-EPR solution with the addition of a low SWaP CellAED defibrillator. The single use disposable multi-shock AED is designed to be used by untrained individuals and comes with audio speaker instructions. The device weighs 260g and the protective case has been adapted for military use.

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The Rapid Augmented Reality (AR) platform allows ‘ReachFWD’ telemedicine support to enhance battlefield injury management both in remote locations and in deployed healthcare facilities using Teams and 4K video streaming. The 85g device can be worn using a headband, Peltor adaptor, safety glasses or lens free glass frames. The flexible power supply allows hot swapping power banks for 2-12 hours use.
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