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Rapid-EPR Electronic Patient Record
The Rapid-EPR system is a ruggedised portable electronic patient record with optional wireless vital sign capture, display and transmission, in addition to high-definition video conferencing, to allow delivery of first-class healthcare into remote battlefield environments on land, sea and air. It is configurable to allow incremental data capture from the Point of Injury to Role 3.
The Android mobile digital platform is easily configurable to the military/civil contingency medical needs including language localisation. The platform allows incremental data capture from 3rd party devices throughout the Operational Care Pathway facilitating data transfer between devices and integrated data flow into 3rd party platforms.

The configurable platform has a low SWaP (1.8Kg) delivering first class healthcare into combat environments for use in tactical field care and prolonged field care scenarios. The 'One Device - Multiple Scenarios' concept allows the core solution to be configured for the particular mission using a range of wireless and USB connected point of care monitoring devices. The platform has the option to include USB ultrasound, USB laryngoscope and single-use defibrillator.