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Rapid-SAM Situational Awareness Monitoring
Dismounted situational awareness biometric monitoring and battlefield threat assessment platform using wearable devices including CBRNE and environmental sensors. It is a military version of our established NHS telehealth solution Rapid Mobile Care and is compliant with the dismounted soldier programme being delivered on an android platform. The wearable sensors mitigate against training, environmental and combat risks and include vital sign monitoring in the event of injury. 

The system was selected for Army Warfighting Experiment 2017 as the system of choice to ‘monitor the health of soldiers to maximise combat efficiency’. The system is now being further developed as part of the DSTL Programme – ‘Wearable technology for injury prevention’ for the military and has been selected for Army Warfighting Experiment 2020 and is currently being trialled by 2 UK Regiments for monitoring environmental and battlefield threats and a rehabilitation programme to monitor fitness, mental wellness, and injury recovery.